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Kimora Lee Simmons -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Dec 2004|09:22pm]
Kimora Lee Simmons Unveils New Creations
from: http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/entertainment/10322047.htm?1c
NEW YORK [12/2/04] - Kimora Lee Simmons has a full plate. It's probably a solid gold, diamond-encrusted plate, but it is definitely full.

"I think I just sort of keep going," the flashy TV personality and Baby Phat creative director told The Associated Press. "I take a bunch of things on my plate, but I have wonderful people behind me. And I only get into things I know about."

The thing Simmons, 29, knows most about is bling. One of her latest creations, a pink diamond-accented Motorola cell phone, retails for $699. And at Bloomingdale's last week, she launched her own "Diamond Diva" jewelry line under her Baby Phat label.

"Our pieces are 30 to 50 percent bigger than other fine jewelry. My personal taste is big and over the top. Kimora Lee Simmons is larger than life-size." said Simmons, who often refers to herself in third-person.

The former model, wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and mother of two said she's transformed or, more appropriately, branded herself into a sort of urban Martha Stewart. But does that mean "Kimora Lee Living" is on the way?

"I'm rolling out a home line," Simmons revealed. "I would make paint and bedding. People ask me all the time about my home. Where did you get that door? Where did you those curtains? Where did you get those pillows? I'm more than willing to open myself up like that."

Also on Simmons' "to do" list is a reality TV show pilot and a fragrance from French designer Coty, which will be in stores next fall.

"I know I'm really real," says Simmons. "I do what I love. I generally have a love of fashion and lifestyle. Sometimes it's hard for me. I am a young woman and have all the real struggles that women have."
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